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Nostalgia marketing and the art of recurring revenue.

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Mulan, the live-action Disney remake was released to Disney+ this week and I was as excited for a new Disney release as a 36-year-old as…

So we’re in a recession.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. Australia is officially in a recession. The first one in 30 years. Figures released this week…

How to leverage laughter as one of your most beneficial sales tools.

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Laughter is the forgotten hero of connection. They say that if you laugh the world laughs with you.That’s because laughing is contagious, in the same…

Think your clever creative in response to COVID is enough to sate your audience? Think again.

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It has to be said, Pornhub offering free premium access to its audience throughout the Coronavirus lockdown is a strike of pure branding gold. Not…

Magazines and me – a love story.

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News of the Bauer, Mercury Capital sale brings me hope that there will be a dawn of a new print day here in Australia.But hope…

How your language is preventing meaningful sale conversations and how to fix it.

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I want to talk about something we are all accustomed to in sales, objections. But, not the ones from your client. I’m talking about the…

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