Let’s inspire better business conversations.

At EQ Sales we do sales training with a difference.
We work with your team to develop the skillset to ask thoughtful questions, communicate with intention and drive sustained commercial growth for your business.

We're about dialogue.
Not Monologue.

Whether new to sales or seasoned pros,
we get your team excited about business-critical sales skills.

Our professional development programs are designed to hero
soft skills such as communication, empathy, and awareness to
drive meaningful connections and enable better business conversations.

Our professional development programs are experiential so we deliver learners the first-hand experience, that closes the learning loop and actualises change. 

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We deliver skillsets.
And mindsets.

Real change is incremental.
With traditional sales training forgotten within 30 days, we ensure lasting behaviours with our unique programmatic sales training and coaching model.

Individually our programs will drive engagement, inspire action, and enable camaraderie. Used together they drive meaningful business behaviours that are eagerly sustained.

Let’s inspire better business conversations.

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